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Shareholder Structure:

CSSC Motoren Anqing-Kiel (hereafter simply called The Company or CMAK when appropriate) is a joint venture established on April 17, 2013 in Anqing, China. The company is co-invested by the Chinese leading ship builder group China State Shipping Corp. and a fortune 500 company, the global leading engineering manufacturer, Caterpillar Inc. from USA. The registered capital is $40m, CSSC owns 51% as major shareholder, and the remaining shares are owned by Cat Inc.

Strong Support from Mother Companies

The establishment of CMAK is the alliance between two giants of the marine power industry, it’s aimed to meet the demand of global shipping and oil/gas industries’ clients. Caterpillar brings the professional capability of advanced design and manufacturing, comprehensive global distribution and customer service networks, and the German marine engine technology branded MaK. While CSSC provides the local supply base, production efficiency and entry in to CSSC internal customer base.

Company Personnel Structure:

CMAK currently has more than 50 employees, including 6 people of management level seconded from both mother companies with related qualification and competency. The average service age for core positions in management, quality, technical and production areas is greater than 15 years

Products and Manufacturing Competency:

The first phase project of CMAK occupies 227 acres, it’s located beside Anqingqing CSSC Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd. The designed capacity is 200 units p.a., it’s involved with main operations of assembly (including sub-assembly), testing, painting and shipping. It has one main assembly line supported with multiple sub-assemblies and 4 test beds as well as one painting booth, which were constructed according to Cat’s specialized CPS system and MaK’s global consistent production execution system. CMAK started pilot production from May 2014.

The main products are the original commonly designed marine propulsional engines (power range from 1020kW to 3150kW) and auxiliary generator sets (power range from 979k to 3024kW) branded MaK(M20/ M25), which meet both IMOII and IMOIII emission legislations.

CMAK Quality Assurance System:

CMAK’s mission is to build the marine engines in China with consistent German quality standard. The company has got the accreditation of ISO9001 QMS certificate via GNV-GL auditor, and the factory approval by ABS and BV MCS bodies. The company has plan to get factory approvals from all major leading MCS bodies in the next upcoming 2 years. CMAK is aimed to provide high end quality product and solutions to global marine shipping and oil/gas customers.

Meanwhile the company is fully deploying the PQVC metrics following Cat’s CPS system, the company’s production and quality management system is being set up according to Cat Quality Management System. Before pilot production,  CMAK’s operators have been sent to MaK’s other facility to receive hands on training, during the pilot production MaK also sent resident assembly experts to guide and train the local operators,  this has helped to establish and maintain the consistent and high standard from beginning.  So far, CMAK has successfully maintained a record of 100% 1st time FAT test pass rate, which received sound acknowledgement across the MCS surveyors and ship yards and ship owners.

Future Development Strategy:

With the strong support in fields of people, technology and systems, CMAK are fully striving forward with full cooperation and collaboration to become one of the best MSE (Medium Speed Engine) manufacturer in China, and achieve 200 units of engine output p.a. in 3 to 5 years, and drive the sustainable development and success for our global marine and oil/gas engine customers, our employees and our shareholders.